Tuesday, April 11, 2017

What's For Dinner?

                    WHAT'S FOR DINNER?

What is for dinner has been a long standing phrase that people tend to use when discussing meal planning or when one may being go to the refrigerator or cupboard to find something to eat and it being a bit sparse in the offerings. Well, the same phrase and action takes place at our home too. I was recently at the same phrase and refrigerator experience. It was not grocery shopping day and I wanted to enjoy my scheduled plans which did not include a store run, that day anyway.

I was enjoying spending time with our granddaughter one afternoon so our daughters could go off shopping together and while I was enjoying our time these thoughts of “What is for dinner?” started to roll through my mind. And after reviewing the refrigerator and cupboards, they demonstrated to me that I needed a plan. I did contemplate calling our daughters and asking them

to stop by the market to pick up a few items, but I did not know when they would return home and the plans had to be set in motion for the next meal to be served here. While Avery and I enjoyed our time together I quickly went through the freezer (being the refrigerator and cupboards were not looking to promising) to see what I could possibly pull together and have it be a filling meal and have something nice to serve our oldest daughter who was home visiting for the weekend. When I opened the door there it was. Just enough cooked roast beef to make my beef barley soup. (One of my favorite meals is roast beef that has been cooked all day and falls apart, served with mashed potatoes and corn. Yum!) And when there are enough left overs I sometimes freeze them to utilize it other ways. I am happy I have been doing this just for these moments when we need to be prepared for the unexpected. I then looked again in the cupboard and there were the remaining ingredients to pull the soup all together. I was so excited. As I was preparing the ingredients Avery was busy playing with play dough and very content. All was going well. Then another thought came to me. I will make corn bread, Samantha always loved this growing up and I knew she would appreciate some old familiars during her visit. I included her daddy’s maple syrup in the recipe and for my serving I even poured a few sweet drops of maple syrup on top for that total yum factor. As I moved ahead with preparing the soup and corn bread I worked at the counter with Avery and she began to help me cook and the play dough was left behind, she wanted to help me with measuring and stirring. What a great way to include a cooking lesson with baby. Well, she is not a baby my husband states to me, but I still refer to her as one. She is getting on with being a big girl now but always so baby like precious to me. It was fun coming up with a meal for the family and sharing the experience with our granddaughter. Making a meal for the family did not take away my time with Avery, it enriched it and I was doubly blessed to be able to have time with her and make a meal for our daughter that she would enjoy. So, the next time you hear or say to

yourself, “What’s for dinner?” do not despise these very important tasks in your days. The people you love and serve, love what comes from the phrase “What’s for dinner?”. And God is well pleased with our good works in providing food that is hearty and handled with love for His people. FAITH, FAMILY, FARM

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