Sunday, March 19, 2017

Africa Mission Trip 2017, it was a success!

George's journey~

George Blankson, a WCOM team member, returned a few days ago from his to journey from Africa. His purpose was to visit with family and friends and to purchase food for a local orphanage in need. George worked a lot of overtime on his current job to be able to afford this trip and make a positive difference in the lives of some children in a place that he was raised. We shared with you in an earlier post that while beginning his journey from right here, George learned of two children by the names of Philip and Peace who were fatherless and were in need of a way to go to school for the first time in their lives. We prayed and discerned that he was to assist those children as well. And he did just that! Praise God, He had provided a way to assist the grandmother to enroll these two children with the needed supplies to start their school journey through his faithful servant, George. George shared with me that when the grandmother learned of what was being offered she cried for joy.

After settling in with family, George was able to spend some time catching up with his family and friends. During his visiting he was daily making connections to find the place that God wanted him to help. His time was narrowing down and still was trying to confirm the place but nearing his time to return home he was finally able to make arrangements with an local agency. Just before George was due to leave Africa he was able to be connected with a orphanage that houses 140 children. Two days before George had to return to the U.S., he and a few of his friends caught up with the director of the orphanage at a market to purchase much needed food for all of the children. One of George's friends had never experienced this type of generosity toward others and George was very excited for him to witness the walk of giving to those in need. George used the money that was donated to WCOM missions for this project to buy the food and George personally donated a large sum of money as well to get the job done, As a result, large quantities of food were purchased for the children. George stated this amount will last quite a long time.

George's journey did not stop there. He traveled many times, ways and hours to make all these arrangements come together and to purchase the food, again he personally paid for all the travel expenses to do this. He shared with me that on his way to the airport to return the U.S. the car he was traveling in broke down and needed to call for help to get the car out of road and a way to make his flight. Once he finally made it to the airport they would not allow him to enter plane. Stating he was too late. He was able to convince them that he must make the flight and finally was able to board. He did not stop working from there, once he got off the plane he witnessed a man who was entering the U.S. for the first time and spoke a different language. George took the time to help him which resulted in many hours to get the appropriate papers in order and help unite the man with his family who were there to pick him up. Finally, George was able to be on his way home. But let me share with you it did not stop there. He contacted me to say he was in New York city and he was going to make the trip up from the city to our area. I shared he could not do that due we were in a travel ban for the region due to all the snow storm. Delayed another day, he was able to make his final drive home. But not before he pulled into our yard for a quick visit and to share with me more of his journey.

Thank you God for allowing George to go to Africa to share your love and provisions. And that George to came back to us safely.Thank you George for all that you have done to take WCOM to Africa and to help children in need.

Pictures below: These are showing George working with the people to purchase food for the orphanage. And Peace with her new school uniform.

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