Sunday, February 26, 2017

Africa  Mission Trip

February 2017

Our ministry team member, George Blankson, arrived in Africa this past week and is getting right to work helping those in need. His original intent was to spend sometime in a local orphanage and help them with food and supplies, but before he even made it to that location, he obtained information of two children in a local village who are fatherless and had no opportunity to attend school.

So together in prayer we confirmed that he should start with the children right in his path. Meet Philip and Peace. They are two young children that are now being raised by their grandmother. Their home is a mere one room  structure that they call home. But God sent George! George quickly got connected with the local school, the paper work for school enrollment was completed, school supplies purchased, including uniforms for the young children. They have never had an opportunity to attend school and any future attendance seemed but a distant dream. School was not an option or priority, maneuvering through daily life is.

The six pictures below share the actual children, the grandmother, home and the supplies that George was able to purchase for them. Your partnership with the ministry allows such wonderful life changing opportunities to help those in need. Thank you for partnering with WCOM and walking the walk with us.

The children with their grandmother
Peace's new uniform

Philip's uniform

school supplies

Philip and Peace

The children's home with their grandmother.

World Channel Outlet Ministries where we are "Walking the Walk"