Thursday, January 11, 2018

Meet Lil

Meet Lil, a 7th grader who shared her candid view point with us after reading our latest book "Living in God's Pasture". When Lil first read the book, she called me and I asked her what she thought about the book. She stated, "I Loved it" and made mention right after that about the characters hair length that had changed from one page to the next. We finished our conversation and I had a smile inside and out and praising God that a young lady was reacting so positively to our new resource. From there, Lil agreed to meet me in person and answer questions regarding the book. I told her not to say anything she did not mean (and Lil is not a girl who fills you with fluff, she means what she says and does not tell you just what you want to hear). So off I went to meet up with her not knowing what would come of it but excited to hear what she had to say. I will present each question Lil was asked with her response right after each one for you to read. 1) "What did you think of the book?" "It was very interesting, the movement of time through it and how the scenes changed through God's path for the characters. Also, I liked how the characters were separated as unbelievers and believers." 2)"What did you learn from reading the book?" "From believing - you see people who have not been introduced to God. I learned that God is present in many ways like the hands in the clouds and how other people can share the seed of God too from reading the wording and looking at the characters in the book!" 3) "Your favorite part (if any)?" "How the book separates people who do not know God and are in darkness and as believers we can share light to them." 4)"Do you believe children and adults of any age would enjoy reading the book and learn more about God after reading it?" "Yes, the story takes things in the prospective of how younger people learn and for adults as a way for them to share with their family and have a conversation starter." 5) "Did the illustrations help tell the story?" "Yes, the illustrations and the wording go together and it is very clear of how someone is in darkness as an unbeliever and how they can be in the light of God if they believe and this is shared between young and old." 6) "Any other thoughts?" "Yes, God's light is for everyone who believes." Well, there you have it folks. Lil's take on reading our book "Living in God's Pasture" may this help you discern if this book is for you and your family and friends. Thank you Miss Lil for your candid -clear view point about this book and your heart that demonstrates that you are committed to God is very clear for all to see and may you continue to share your light with the people that God puts in your path. Thank you to Lil's Dad and Mom for allowing us to be a part of Lil and your lives. We are blessed to know you and God has gifted you with a wonderful child that is not afraid to share her faith! FAITH, FAMILY, FARM

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

(WCOM) World Channel Outlet Ministries is a Christian Media Ministry with a working farm, which includes maple syrup production, beef cattle and draft horses. Our ministry is a Not For Profit organization capturing and sharing real people, real lives, real farms, real farmers, via family-friendly, news worthy video episodes, photography, and written content. We share practical daily living, conduct in work and business environments, human interest stories, growing and preparing food sources for people and animals, homestead care and order, family conduct and order, and a lifestyle that focuses on theses three words: FAITH, FAMILY, FARM! WCOM supports and encourages people to see and hear of a better way of walking out life with God through a relationship with His Son, Jesus. And that our family does this in our own personal lives and through WCOM to share to the public total transparency in all areas of our lives and the content we share. Demonstrating to others that we too are continually learning and growing in “Walking the Walk” in God’s Biblical principles and truth through His word and encourage others to do the same. We hope that you enjoy walking with us and that you are fed properly and abundantly for you and your family’s journey. ~The Gillette Family~